Garden Design by Anne Austin Landscapes

How many hours should I book? 

The 2 man hour gardening service is design for an average domestic size garden, while the longer sessions are more suitable for larger gardens or if you need a garden tidy up if your garden has become overgrown.  In cases where your garden is very overgrown its always best to contact us for advice as a quote for the work may be more suitable. 

Hourly and daily rates

Mowing: We use professional equipment to give you professional results. From a superb striped finish to fine lawns to non-rollered mowers if you prefer a more natural looking finish.






What work will you do? 

We’ll do all that we can within the session. Using our expertise we’ll identify the most pressing jobs and get on with those. General gardening work includes grass cutting, weeding, pruning, dead heading, hedge cutting, general clearing. If you have anything you’d like us to focus on just let us know at least one day before we visit.

What should I do with the garden waste?

We encourage clients to compost as it’s better for the environment and compost is useful in the garden. Unless we hear otherwise we will place the garden waste in your compost heap or is there isn’t one in your garden waste bin.