Working at Hampton Court Palace

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I’m absolutely delighted to be collaborating with another designer at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in 2017!

Hampton Court PalaceHampton Court Palace Flowers Show needs absolutely no introduction so I am over the moon to be working with my friend and fellow designer Frederic Whyte

We are only just putting our ideas together for this so will bring more news as we have it!

Ever since my mother took me there as a young girl, I have dreamed of presenting my ideas at Hampton Court. And now I am! This really does represent a landmark for me in my landscape design career.

It’s a great challenge transforming a client’s personal space into the garden of their dreams and working with them to ensure that they have a an outdoor space that works for them. My philosophy is very much that engaging me to work on your garden is “All About Living” and “All About Loving” that outdoor space. For me, the garden is an Al Fresco extension of the home and so it’s vital that that extension works for the client.

Anne Austin working at Hampton Court PalaceWorking on a garden for Hampton Court Palace though is a different experience entirely! This is about our dreams, not a client’s. In some respects it is a wild leap into the unknown as there is nobody giving us a brief, or ideas. That is very liberating in one sense but also more challenging in another.

Frederic and I have been collaborating on ideas for some time so the Hampton Court Palace project will be a great opportunity for us. I will update my Blog pages once we have some ideas down so you can see our progress but for now I have to try and talk some suppliers into getting involved too.

If you’d like to chat with me about your own space then please feel free to CONTACT ME or call me and I’ll come and see you for a FREE Chat. Just because I’m working at Hampton Court Palace, it doesn’t mean my prices are of royal proportions!!

We are also collaborating at The Sandringham Flower Show too this year but that’s another Blog Post!

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